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About StockTrack

Last updated 20 February 2021

StockTrack Pty Ltd (StockTrack) is built by retail investors as an information resource for retail investors. Although the term "retail investor" is often looked down upon, the reality is that a very large part of the ASX market is comprised of retail investors. Retail investors are no longer a sector of the market that is to be laughed at. The recent GameStop short squeeze is evidence of that. Sure, the short and options markets in Australia are nothing like the USA, but nonetheless, the fact remains that retail investors should no longer be assumed as being the people on the sidelines merely looking in.

As you may have noticed from browsing our website, we do things with data a little differently. We will never stop innovating on this front, I can promise you that. A prime example of that is our short interest data, which we consider is presented in a unique and helpful format. It's not just short interest data, though. You will have also seen that our media article fetching and analysis is pretty useful for keeping up to date with what's happening with your tracked stocks. We've got a lot more planned in many other areas, including social media.

At present we are licensed to display End of Day (EOD) data, which we obtain from an ASX licensed vendor. This means that we do not display intraday prices for stocks. However, the website is already built to go "live" with intraday data, it is simply a matter of us being in a position to justify doing so, and hitting the switch. We hope that is sooner than later.

StockTrack Tech and Future Work

For the nerds, StockTrack is built on PHP using Atom Editor. It is currently hosted on a (somewhat) dedicated server in NSW. The server is an E3-1220 V3 Xeon with 16GB of RAM and 2x large SSDs in RAID1. We are currently consuming and analysing around 3.5GB of data per day.

To date StockTrack has taken around 9-12 months to build on a weekends and afterhours basis, mostly during COVID-19 lockdowns throughout 2020. At some point in the future we will release a mobile app. Time and resources permitting, of course. The backend of the website was designed with that in mind. Stay tuned for that.

Foreign Markets

A lot of people have asked whether the website can include foreign markets (USA). The answer is yes, it can. In fact, the data we are able to obtain for USA markets (particularly the NYSE) is far superior to that in Australia. Similar to the mobile app, time and resources permitting, we do want to "turn on the switch" for foreign markets. You will see that we occasionally grab data for an ASX company's foreign peers. So yes, it may be obvious that we've dipped our toes in that water. Unfortunately we're simply not resourced well enough to "just send it" yet.

Planned Functionality

You may have noticed that a few bare bones functions aren't (obviously) available to end users (if you've worked out how to use them without the UI functionality, then kudos to you). Things that we're currently perfecting (among many other things):

  • Sector related features (including indices)
  • Shareholder data
  • Director transactions
  • ETF centre
  • Dividends
  • Calendar functionality
  • Materials/Commodities
  • Forex related functions
  • Comprehensive search functionality

Got an idea or proposal?

Feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you, whether it be feature related, or anything else. You can also reach us on Twitter.